Apple introduced iPad Air

Apple iPad Air
The Apple Company introduced the fifth generation of iPad components in the later stage of 2013. It had been named as iPad Air which is much slimmer than the previous iPad components. It also has a 64 bit processor as in iPhone 5S. This post focuses on specialties...
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How to Get Google Authorship for Your Blog

Google Authorship
Google is a company which can make a big difference on the internet. This is achieved by different products they introduce from time to time. If you have read about professional blogging, then the two words Google Authorship must obviously be familiar to you. It is obvious that...
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How to Compare Two Smartphones Easily

Compare -Smartphones
The technology of smart phones now has developed to a state that cannot be easily understood by a user with average knowledge on technology. Few years ago these phones were classified as colour display phones or touch screen phones. But now the condition is different. A person who...
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Mediafire Desktop Offers You a Free 50GB Capacity

MediaFire Sync
The cloud storage concept has become very popular since last two years. There are several cloud services such as DropBox, Bitcasa, SkyDrive and Google drive with different features at different prices. Among those MediaFire is also a popular name which cannot be forgotten. But until now MediaFire was...
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Install Sayonara Music Player

Ubuntu Music Player Sayonara
There are many players in Ubuntu which can be used to listen to music. One such awesome player is Sayonara Player. This is a free and Open Source Software (FOSS) written in C++. The lower CPU usage, lower memory usage and less loading time are few advantages of...
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Samsung introduces Galaxy Grand 2

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2
Samsung Company introduced a number of new smart phones recently. Galaxy Mega and Galaxy Grand are two such smart phones. Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is the latest member introduced to this family. This is a mid range phone with a large screen of 5.25 inches and 1280*720 TFT....
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